The Importance of Proper Motorcycle Rain Gear

By Biker Bible | Reviews

Mar 24

If all motorcycle riders avoided riding when it is raining many of them would sell their bikes and many bikes would be just decorative pieces that would be driven only two or three months a year. But rain isn’t something that will stop motorcycle riders. c3ee5ba709f7c8e35394f12908476753Some of them are bold and they ride even though it is rain, and others are smart and they buy proper motorcycle rain gear.

Leather motorcycle gear may look good and may feel good, but when it is raining that leather will work against you. Leather will soak and become uncomfortable and heavy which will impair your handling skills and there is more, driving 100 miles per hour totally soaked will have some negative effects on your health. As you can see only solution is rain gear for motorcycle riding, and if you want to know more about it, then you are at the right place.

Aspects of motorcycle rain gear

All rain gear is waterproof and it comes in many different styles. It also has sealed or double-stitched seams that protect water from soaking you through junctions of the fabric. There are several different materials used in production of gear that is resistant to rain, but the end point is to make the driver completely dry during the ride.

Best rain suit for motorcycle is created to be easily put on and eventually taken off. The size of the rain gear is slightly larger than your normal size in order to make those processes easer. Rain gear should fit nicely on your normal driving gear, it shouldn’t be too big and it shouldn’t be tight because in both of those situations you risk damage of the gear.


There are two more important aspects of the rain gear, visibility and the butt (I will explain that). Visibility refers to the visibility of the driver on the road. As you know visibility is one thing that is heavily impaired when it is raining and rain gear must have some form of retro-reflective patches or strips that are colored with florescent color. Second aspect that was mentioned, the butt, reflects on the fact that water acts like a lubricant and that there is a great chance that you might slip off the bike. That is why a rain pants must come with a form of fabric panel or a type of coating that is resistant to sliding caused by rain.

Components of motorcycle rain gear

In this section I will go through components of rain gear as well as some of the best rated motorcycle rain gear on the market. When it comes to this type of gear and good brands of the same, rain_gear_tourmaster_elite_2Harley Davidson rain gear is at the top of the market, which is why I will go around it to present you products of other good brands.

Main element of the rain gear is the jacket, and good jackets are not as pricy as you have thought. Just look at the Tourmaster Elite 2, which can be bought for only 80 dollars. This rain jacket scored well on all important motorcycle rain suits reviews due to its affordability and quality that comes with the price. It is fully waterproof and made out of solid material and has excellent reflective piping that increase the visibility. It isn’t made for sport bike enthusiasts as it has no armor and it is a bit too long.

Tourmaster Sentinel Nomex rain pants are another fairly affordable and excellent product of this company, as they cost only 90 dollars. Apart from being waterproof these pants are heat resistant as well, which means that they will keep your legs warm during cold weather. Specially made high-density nylon panel is also present and it will prevent any sliding off the wet motorcycle seat.

Rain suits for motorcycles are not complete without proper rain boots.  Now there is high diversity in the price of rain boots. There are boots like Nelson-Rigg Waterproof rain boots that are actually covers for boots and they cost only 30 dollars and then there are boots like Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex boots that are proper  grain leather waterproof rain boots and they cost over 350 dollars.

If you want to buy top rated motorcycle rain suits you will find that you can buy them for very little money.  Full rain suit can cost from 30 up to hundreds of dollars depending on material and style. Rain race suits are a bit more expensive, but they are also priced on the premise of their style.

  • Nelson-Rigg WPRB-100 Waterproof Rain Boot Covers
  • Item Weight: 13 ounces
  • Dimensions: 12 x 2 x 12 inches
  • Material: Waterproof polyester with PVC backing
  • (4.5/5)

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