Motorcycle Vests For a Classic Biker Look

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Mar 24

First thing that crosses the mind when motorcycle vests are mentioned are the bikers with their colors and emblems portrayed on the vests. And indeed, vests have been always iconic part of biker equipment. Right now, there is great diversity when in motorcycle vests material and shape, and many vests can be converted from jackets with hoods to vests in few seconds.

Passing Link leather vest is a product from one of the best motorcycle clothing brands, Harley Davidson. This leather vest costs 285 dollars due to the notion of it being in the top of biker clothing brands worldwide. It is made from cowhide leather and it has lightly padded waist and shoulders area. It has only two zipper pockets and one horizontal interior pocket with addition of several smaller pockets. It features leather patch and embroidered graphics that identify it as original Harley Davidson vest. There are also other good brands that make leather vests that are very cheap but have good quality, but the insignia Harley Davidson carries its weight.


You can also buy textile motorcycle vests and very good price. For example, Xelement Man’s Black vest is made from poly/mesh and it costs only 95 dollars (30 dollars with discount at this moment). It comes with reflective stripes to increase the visibility of the rider. It also features front zipper and removable spine protector and it is fairly comfortable and lightweight as well.

Good alternative to textile vests are high visibility vests, especially Joe Rocket’s Military Spec series. These reflective vests are sold for around 50 dollars and they are perfect for riding under low visibility conditions on the road. cooling-vest-evsThey are also made out of poly/mesh hybrid material and they are fully adjustable. They have only come with one small pocket for ID and driver’s license.

Good addition to your motorcycle gear should be EVS Core temperature regulator vest. This vest costs only 40 dollars and it is excellent for keeping your body cool while you drive. You put this vest under all other clothes after you soak it in water. It is able to keep your body cool for long periods of physically demanding motorcycle driving. Off-road and motocross bikers will profit from wearing this vest because it will keep their clothes dry and safe while they sweat.

Denim motorcycle vests are always connected with American bikers. American bikers implemented denim vests into the motorcycle equipment and it began with simple lack of money and “cool tough guy” look these vests give off.  Denim vests are still widely used by bikers and right now they are pretty cheap, price of the top quality denim vests is around 100 dollars. Once again one of the top motorcycle jacket brand names, Xelement, has many vests to offer, like Xelement Mens Padded Vest with Tri-Tex Fabric and Mesh which is on sale at this moment for 44.95$, and many other ones are on sales on which you can buy 100 dollars vest for around 50 dollars. Their denim vests come in many variations, but blue denim is the most common type. Most of the denim vests feature 4 pockets on the outside, gun holster inside and several inside pockets. Classic design comes with button closure and solid denim on the back for addition for embroidery and patches.

  • Xelement Mens Padded Vest with Tri-Tex Fabric and Mesh
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Size: 5X-Large
  • Material: Tri-Tex Fabric and Mesh
  • (4.2/5)

Good variation of denim vest theme is Speed and Strength Soul Shaker vest that comes in brown color and it costs same as Xelement denim vests. It includes spine protector that is removable and it has lockdown waist adjusters. This vest is a modern version of old style denim vests and it is everything a modern biker dreams about.


Motorcycle vest might be an additional part of motorcycle gear, but it can also be incorporated in your normal everyday motorcycle gear. Good example of the second is BCU1006 Jax which is a leather motorcycle jacket with hoodie. The hoodie and sleeves are removable and once you remove them you have normal leather vest. This brings us to the point, which is all weather jacket/vest. Leather vests are waterproof which can’t be said for other types of vests.


Denim vests do look good, but they can be used only if the weather is good.

Textile and high visibility vests might be cheap and might make the biker visible in bad conditions and some of them are even rainproof, but they lack in the look department.

Leather vests look great, they can be used in bad weather and they are not as pricy as they were several years ago.

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