Motorcycle Helmet –Difference Between Life and Death

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Mar 24

Good motorcycle helmet will save your life and bad one will do more damage that good which is why it is important to buy good motorcycle helmet. When you decide to buy a motorcycle helmet there are two things you should consider, factors and the type of helmet you need.

Helmet Factors

motorcycleFirst factor in choosing a helmet is safety. Good motorcycle helmets and gear are expensive, but they are righteously so. The exterior of high quality helmet must be made out of Kevlar or carbon or any similar lightweight material that is resistant to high speed crashes. The interior must be made out of material like polystyrene which will absorb the shock from the crash.

Next factor mixes visibility and shielding. Higher visibility comes with bigger visor and good shielding is impossible with that kind of helmet due to large amount of dust and debris ending in your face. Sport riders go for lower visibility to increase the shielding due to high speeds, while chopper and motocross riders go for high visibility due to the nature of their type of motorcycle riding.


Third factor also contains two separate contrary terms, aerodynamics and weight/control aspect. Sport riders use helmets that have excellent aerodynamics, but those helmets have little control. On the other hand other type of riders go for less heavy helmets with higher control in which they sacrifice aerodynamics of the helmet (they don’t need it because they are not driving their motorcycles fast as it is done in sport motorcycle racing).

Helmet Types and Some Good Motorcycle Brands of Helmets

As this is best site for motorcycle gear we will list some of the best offers on the store per helmet type.

Scorpion EXO-R2000 Replica is good representative of full face helmets, which are helmets used by sport motorcycle riders. This helmet is expensive, 430 dollars, but it is exact replica of Moto-GP helmets which ensures safety of the driver.

scorpion_exo900_helmet_neon_yellowScorpion EXO-900X Neon helmet with a price of 310 dollars is one of the best modular helmets on the market. Modular helmets are the mix of full and open face helmets and it brings the best out of both of them. They are more comfortable than full face helmets and as far as motorcycle helmets for sale go, they are the best option for amateur sports motorcycle drivers.

IS-33 2 helmet by HJC is open face helmet that costs only 150 dollars. This helmet boosts visibility on the expense of protection against weather, which is a tradeoff that is done by many scooter drivers. This helmet comes with protective glass that reduces the effect of weather on the face, especially eyes. But, in general open face helmets have no glass and their price ranges around 100 dollars. Chopper riders and people who like long cruising sessions prefer this type of helmets because they are comfortable and not a lot of speed is gained on those cruises which reduces the weather effect.

C8372_1When it comes to motocross gear brands and helmets we can’t skip Fox and their V3 Cauz helmet. There are motocross helmets that are fairly cheap, their price goes under 100 dollars, but motocross and off-road riding includes falls and you would want the best protection available. This helmet costs around 450 dollars, but for that price you gain a lot including MIPS aka Multi-directional impact protection system, dual density EPS liner and many more things.

Half helmets are very popular with cruisers because they represent rogue status. Most common form of these helmets is WW 2 helmet design, but there are certain variations in the design as well as price.

For example, you have Fly Street 9mm helmet that looks sale as army helmet and it costs 60 dollars only. This helmet offers very low protection against weather or blunt damage caused by accidents, but its price and design made it quite popular.

Another good example of clever half helmet design is Bell’s Rogue Helmet. This helmet costs up to 250 dollars, but it is a lot more comfortable than other half helmets. It also comes with protection for mouth area which gives a skull cap feel. These helmets are also very aerodynamic, which is another reason that they are preferable by cruisers. Most of the half helmets are bought in simple black color, after which they are modified with motifs the owner wants.

  • Bell Rogue Helmet
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 10.6 x 1.8 inches
  • Lightweight and composite material
  • (4.4/5)
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